The Moose Band
These are the musicians that help bring my music to life. They are all exceptionally talented and each bring their own flavor to every show. One of my favorite parts of making music is showcasing these fantastic guys (and gal).

They help take my music to the next level - and bring you along for the ride.



Robert Mack hails from the Chicago area and currently resides in New York City. He has performed with some of the finest names in the industry including Joe Lovano and Ralph Lalama. Robby thoroughly enjoys playing in Moose music for the pure chemistry the group provides.

Bass Guitar

Jarod Grieco is an electric and upright bassist with a master's degree in jazz performance. He teaches beginner string instruments to children and adults during the week and plays the funky bass on the weekends. "I love playing in Moose. This band gives me the freedom to be an expressive musician, and the other members challenge me to be a more creative bassist with every show!"


Hannah Louise is a singer living in Queens, originally from upstate New York. She is a NYC public teacher and teaches in a middle school. When she's not enlightening the minds of our youth, she takes any opportunity to hit the stage with Moose. Hannah loves Moose because the band is full of talented, energetic, and groovy dudes that are a thrill to sing with.

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